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Costco Just Brought Back Another Food Court Staple

Who wants some freshly cranked onions?

Walking into Costco right now is almost like traveling back in time. The warehouse chain has been busy bringing back tons of pre-pandemic perks, especially at the food court. Not only are you able to eat inside again at the iconic picnic tables, but now, you also won't have to ask employees behind the counter for condiments.

The condiment station—complete with ketchup, mustard, deli mustard, relish, napkins, and cutlery—is available to use at some locations. Reddit user @Pharr0utt spotted it at their location, and although they don't confirm exactly where that is, they did reveal some other important news: the return of the condiment station also means the onion crank is open for business, too.

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So not to worry, even though it isn't pictured, the option to put onions on the $1.50 hot dog combo or chicken bake (or any other menu item that is available right now) is there for any hungry Costco shopper.

Another Reddit user says the station returned three to four months ago at their Costco, but it's still missing a few items.

The stations were removed back when the COVID-19 pandemic began in order to limit the number of items customers and employees touch (and also to avoid having to clean that station in between uses). Costco kept this rule for over a year, along with many other grocery stores and restaurants that chose to do the same. The warehouse's COVID-19 Updates page still says that customers should "Please ask Costco Food Court employees for available condiments."

At the end of May, Costco CFO Richard Galanti revealed that food samples will be back at 170 out of 550 warehouses by the first week of June, and the new churro will be on all food court menus by July 4. He didn't mention the condiment station (or the onion crank), so a nationwide rollout may not be in the cards just yet.

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