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Costco May Be Ending Another Long-Time Pandemic Rule

The COVID-19 safety rules list at Costco keeps getting smaller.

While shopping at America's favorite wholesale chain hasn't felt "normal" in a while, times are quickly changing. Only a few weeks ago, Costco dropped its mask requirement for customers who are fully vaccinated. There's still a limited menu at the food court, but there soon may be a place for diners to sit and eat . . . inside.

A peek at the COVID-19 updates page on Costco's website doesn't reveal much. Rules that still apply include:

A limited menu is available at Costco Food Courts. Orders are available for takeout and seating may be available in some locations based on local health guidelines. Please ask Costco Food Court employees for available condiments.

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However, One Reddit user recently spotted the iconic red and white picnic tables near the food court at their local warehouse in Arizona. Indeed, the photo shows tables inside!

The original poster, @AEG84, says there are roughly eight tables, but pre-pandemic there were about five times that amount. No one else following the thread says indoor seating is available in their neck of the woods yet, but another food court staple is at last.

That's right—churros disappeared when a limited menu was put into place after the pandemic hit. A few months later, news dropped that Costco was upgrading them. Members are finally trying the leveled-up cinnamony and sugary treats and sharing their reviews . . . which aren't always positive.

If you ask any true Costco food court fan, they'll tell you it really won't feel like life is back to normal until the pizza combo returns.

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Amanda McDonald
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