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Only Some Costcos Have This Special Food Court Feature

Does your favorite location have one of these?

No two Costco warehouses are exactly alike, of course. Right now some products are leaving and others are just being launched. The food court is changing, too—did someone mention a potential new chicken sandwich? But while a few Costcos have one frothy, customizable feature, others don't.

Reddit user Mardueno recently posted about a Kirkland Signature Coffee Machine in a Costco warehouse in Redmond, Wash. It serves House Blend, Espresso Blend, or Colombian Blend coffee for $1, or a Cafe Hazelnut, Cafe Mocha, Cafe Vanilla, or Hot Chocolate for $1.25. Cups, lids, and straws are usually stashed in the machine as well, but a sign on this one says they are available at the counter (similar to another pandemic rule Costco is still enforcing).

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For those that have had the opportunity to try one of the options, it's nothing but good reviews. Customers say it rivals a cup you can get at an actual coffee house in both taste and price (minus the cost of a Costco membership, of course).

But if you can't find the machine at your local Costo, you're not alone. Unfortunately, another user says it is only available at a few locations—and is likely to stay that way.

The Costco Kirkland Coffee Machine may not be the only item you don't have at your local warehouse. Here are 5 Items Disappearing From Costco Right Now. And to get all the latest Costco news delivered right to your email inbox every day, sign up for our newsletter.

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