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Costco is Already Selling This Insanely Popular Holiday Treat

'Tis the season for hot chocolate?

No matter where you get your groceries you probably remember when hot chocolate bombs completely exploded in popularity during the 2020's Holiday season. Lots of stores had them on shelves, but they were snatched up quickly. After debuting them in early October last year, Costco is taking precautions this year to make sure hot chocolate bombs are stocked for all members who want them by putting them out extra early.

Costco Instagram account moderators are always hard at work finding the newest and trendiest products, and @costcohotfinds spotted the hot chocolate bombs recently on a trip to the warehouse. The pack of 20 is $17.99.

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One Costco shopper in the comments of the post exclaimed that it's not even October and another said they believe it is too soon before @costcohotfinds pointed out that "if you want them, grab them and hide them away for a few months because they sell fast."

That definitely isn't a bad idea, since tools to make them at home were out of stock last year, too. While you're at it, check out the four different Holiday boozy calendars the warehouse already has available, too—including the iconic Wine Advent Calendar with 24 mini bottles for each night leading up to Dec. 25. Like the Costco hot chocolate bombs, the calendars go fast, too!

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