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Costco Quietly Shrunk the Size of This Popular Product, According To Customers

Social media reveals what happened with this Costco household staple, ahead of your weekend shopping.

Many Costco shoppers are proud of their love for the superstore, but they're also loyal to each other. Just ahead of the holiday weekend, one Costco shopper shared an observation on a Costco social media community page: Costco recently downsized a store-brand product that a lot of buyers love. A few community members have chimed in with inside knowledge about what happened.

On Friday, Redditor r/roxnjoji posted, "Just noticed the Kirkland premium paper towel rolls shrank: old roll was 85 sq ft (160 sheets) new roll is 74 sq ft (140 sheets)." With household paper products being among the most fleeting categories of groceries during the pandemic, this revelation has caused about 80 Reddit Costco community members to join in on the conversation so far.

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Within the discussion, another user reflected that yes, Costco did decrease the size of their paper towels "because of a paper shortage." However, they noted, "The price per sheet is the same."

This point stirred further conversation about standard practices within the paper product industry when it comes to supply and pricing. "It's industry standard to price paper products by the sheet. Same deal with germicidal wipes," one user piped in, then added their authority to comment: "Source: have done pricing for these types of products."

To that, another debated: "It's also industry standard to reduce package sizes without reducing prices."

So overall, it sounds like most Costco members who love these paper towels are on board with the change in size. And while some say they feel blindsided by this change in size to Costco paper towels, one user noted: "My Costco has a sign next to the towels explaining the situation."

Meanwhile, one user took the conversation in entirely different direction by stating: "It's not cool however where costco cuts down trees. Don't get me wrong—it's a value buy, but from a suboptimal source, they should be using farmed trees [sic]."

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