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This Is How Often Costco Members Shop at the Warehouse

Is it every day? Or once a year?

A Costco membership costs either $60 or $120 a year, and that includes lots of perks including travel discounts, tire services, a pharmacy, online shopping, and of course, all the products inside each warehouse (including the food court).

Shopping in-store can get crowded—there are 105 million members worldwide, but there's another reason the local warehouse in your neighborhood seems small no matter how many square feet it actually is. A member posted a poll on Reddit asking how often other members go to Costco. And while it samples a limited number of Costco members because only signed-in Reddit users can vote in this poll, the results show that quite a few people shop quite a bit.

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Costco self checkout

Hundreds of votes have been sent in, and most people shop a few times a month. But almost as many head to their local warehouse once a week. We're assuming "go to Costco" includes picking up orders, getting gas, and shopping in the warehouse, so a few times each month or even once a week seems like a normal amount. But a lot of people say they only go once a month—it is the third most-voted for slot. Then comes a few times a week, followed by a few times a year, and finally once a year.

With the membership card comes a lot of power, though, and one Reddit user who commented on the poll points out that it is missing an option—every day!

Buying only one pack of toilet paper a day (thanks to new purchasing limits) or visiting the food court for a pizza or ice cream every day would surely take advantage of each dollar spent on the price of a membership. But as other Reddit user comments, "My feet hurt."

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