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Costco Shoppers in Alaska Are Being Robbed by Hungry Birds

"Calculating" ravens are snatching the groceries of unsuspecting shoppers as they leave the big-box store.

People in Anchorage, Alaska are clutching to their groceries even tighter these days as hungry ravens have reportedly been robbing them of their purchases in Costco's parking lot.

Described as "fat" and "calculating," the birds have been preying on Costco shoppers as they emerge from the warehouse—waiting to pluck meat, fruit, and vegetables right out of grocery bags, the Anchorage Daily News reports. The accounts of such thievery keep growing on social media.

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"My parents were minding their business after a shop and made it home with one less steak!" Anchorage Costco shopper Kimberly Waller described in a Facebook post. "The bird snatched it right out of the pack in the parking lot."

"I had two ravens, one that was on the car next to me and he kept squawking really loud," responded Tamara Josey about her own account with the vicious ravens. She continued:

"He would sit on the car and stare at me, then hop next to the bed of the truck on the other side, and he kept going back and forth. The other raven was on the ground. He kept trying to pull—I had those little mini-melons you have in the mesh baggies—he kept trying to grab the netting and pull my melons off the cart… He was waiting for another opportunity to grab the melons off the cart, but they never were deterred. They just stayed posted, waiting for their next opportunity to steal something out of my cart… They are very dedicated to their mission."

Another Costco shopper, Matt Lewallen, described to the Anchorage Daily News how two ravens worked together to swoop in and grab a big short rib right out of the package he had just put in his car.

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"I literally took 10 steps away and turned around, two ravens came down and instantly grabbed one out of the package, ripped it off and flew off with it," Lewallen said. "They know what they're doing; it's not their first time… They're very fat so I think they've got a whole system there."

It seems that this attack on Costco shoppers will be temporary, as ravens are known to migrate away from Anchorage after winter. And the one silver lining: This Costco location seems to be accepting any return of foods that have been ravished by their unwelcome parking lot predators, as Lewallen was allowed to return his short ribs.

If you're big-box shopping in Alaska, you'll have to watch the skies as you leave Costco in order to protect your goods.

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