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Costco Sold Multiple Items That Cost $100,000 Last Year, CFO Says

As it turns out, not every item in the warehouse is a bargain...

While most shoppers frequent Costco in search of the next great bargain, the same warehouse chain caters to those looking to splurge a little…or a lot.

In a recent earnings call, Costco's Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti said that last year, several engagement rings were purchased for a lot more than the $1.50 hot dog and soda combo. According to the transcript of the call, Galanti said "We actually sold a couple of rings in the $100,000 range."

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While very extravagant and lavish, that particular ring selection isn't the most expensive from Costco's jewelry inventory. The chain retails even more engagement rings for over $300,000, with the most expensive type of ring topping $420,000.

Costco jewelry

Engagement rings at other chains like Walmart and Target don't even come close when compared to Costco's hefty price tag. The most expensive ring at either store sells for just over $1,200.

In the call, Galanti also noted that outside of jewelry, Costco's strongest departments included home furnishings, pharmacy, electronics, and sporting goods. Members who want to indulge in departments like sporting goods can expect to pay a pretty penny, with the most expensive item being $20,000 for this Mario Andretti Signed 1969 Camaro Pool Table.

For members who wish to feed their fancy without completely breaking the bank, other lavish food items from the warehouse include Costco's $2,000 "Plaza Golden Osetra Caviar Kilo Pack", along with its 41 pounds of 100% full-blood Wagyu beef  "Authentic American Full Blood Wagyu Locker Pack", for about $2,000.

Whether you're hoping to save or to spend, Costco seems to offer items to meet even the most extravagant tastes. Here are the 7 Weirdest Things You Can Buy at Costco.

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