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I'm a Doctor and Warn You Don't Go Here Even if It's Open

We still need to be careful.

Coronavirus cases are going up at a rapid rate, with every day more than 185,000 people getting infected. While vaccines are still highly effective at preventing moderate and serious disease, there have been reports of waning immunity amongst fully vaccinated individuals, which is why getting your booster shot—especially with the arrival of Omicron, which can evade the two-dose regimen—is so essential.

As a doctor, I know that you do not want to get infected, and avoiding contact with the coronavirus is very important. Read on for the places to avoid—and to ensure your health and the health of others, don't miss these Sure Signs You've Already Had COVID.


Avoid Indoor Dining

Group of happy friends having a lunch in a tavern.

When you leave your house and go to a restaurant, you are at risk of catching COVID. There's no way to predict what ventilation system venues have in place, and remember, you will get in close contact with people who don't live with you. You don't know if they have the virus if they have been vaccinated and are increasing your chances of contracting COVID. 


Avoid Office Spaces

Two women sitting by desk in front of laptops.

Offices are usually poorly ventilated. Especially in congested urban areas and going back to indoor meetings increases the risk of exposing yourself to coronavirus airborne droplets.

If someone in your office sneezes, coughs or even chats with you while carrying the virus, you are at risk of catching it from them. 

Even with physical distancing, it's difficult to be detached from sharing your air with others, and not breathe what they exhale. Droplets or aerosols are the most common way for Delta to spread from person to person. Indoor offices are not a smart idea at this time, unless you are wearing a N95 mask at all times. 

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Avoid Churches or Places of Worship

Hands of a senior woman while praying in a church

Delta spreads quickly and these places provide the perfect situation for it to spread. Usually poorly ventilated the danger is increased because folks speak, sing, and sometimes shout. If they are carriers of the Delta coronavirus, you are likely going to catch it. If you catch it, you will bring the virus home with you. These gatherings are also less likely to have adequate physical separation and inadequate ventilation. 

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Avoid Cruises

Cruise ship at the beach on Grand Turk island

Needless to say, sharing your water and air supply in a tight ship during a pandemic is a big mistake. It's virtually impossible to follow social distancing guidelines and if someone is carrying the virus, it is hard to control the spread. 

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Don't Do In-Person Shopping

crowded grocery store

Avoid shopping at overcrowded stores. If you must buy in person, attempt to get what you need as soon as possible to avoid having to share your air with others. Wear a good quality face mask, maintain social distance and avoid huge groups. The bottom line is don't go indoors with people you aren't from your house to avoid infection with the Delta variant. And to protect your life and the lives of others, don't visit any of these 35 Places You're Most Likely to Catch COVID.

Leo Nissola, M.D. is an award-winning immunologist and scientist. He is a Medical Contributor on CBS News and helped design and evaluate data-driven epidemiological models which the White House Coronavirus Task Force validated and presented in press briefings. Follow him on Instagram @DoctorLeo and on Twitter @LeoNissolaMD

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