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This National Pizza Chain Is Making a Huge Comeback in Florida With 20 New Locations

This means Edge to Edge pepperoni is coming to one well-known part of Florida.

It's encouraging to see parts of the restaurant industry thriving after such a tough time during the pandemic. And as pizza was one of the most popular takeout and delivery categories through that period, a pizza chain that's known for going big on toppings is also about to become huge in Florida, once more.

Orlando Weekly reported this week that a lot of Donatos Pizza locations in Florida closed up shop in the past 15 years. In 2003, McDonald's dropped Donatos from its portfolio and the chain took a significant shift as its franchise locations also shrunk in physical size around that time.

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However, according to Orlando Weekly, the Columbus, Ohio-based pizza chain is planning to expand its current nationwide location count 10 to 15%, from the current 200 to up to 230. The concentration of these new restaurants is slated for the Orlando and Daytona areas. Here's the source's insight:

"Donatos' comeback is part of a bigger plan focused on extending the franchise all the way from Jacksonville to Miami-Dade County. Jeff Baldwin, Donatos' vice-president of the development of franchising, said picking Orlando as the focus of their new locations was no accident. 'We know Floridians are searching for new pizza and while we have been in business for 58 years there is no pizza in Florida like Donatos 'Edge to Edge' toppings pizza,' Baldwin said in the statement."

The exec was referring to Donatos' reputation for generous toppings—in fact, they've trademarked the phrase "Edge to Edge"—with 100 pieces of pepperoni piled onto their signature pizza.

For Florida pepperoni lovers, this sounds like a treat… though that's a lot of fat and sodium in just one slice. (Still, perhaps not quite as bad as The #1 Worst Order at Costco's Food Court.) Sign up for our newsletter to be in-the-know on restaurant news, and keep reading:

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