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This Food Delivery Service Can Now Bring You a COVID-19 Test

You can now order a cheeseburger and a COVID test using the same app.

What do you most commonly order off of the DoorDash app? Perhaps it's your go-to order at McDonald's or your favorite cookie from the local bakery down the street. Well, how about a COVID-19 test to go with that cheeseburger and fries? The food delivery service will soon offer on-demand coronavirus test kits to U.S. households.

DoorDash recently announced new partnerships with two leading digital health companies, Vault Health and Everlywell, which will enable the delivery service to bring FDA EUA COVID-9 PCR home collection kits to people using the app in several cities. To start, 12 of DoorDash's DashMart locations in major cities, including Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, and Phoenix, will supply the tests. However, more cities will be added in the months ahead. (Related: The Saddest Restaurant Closures In Your State.)

The best part? When you go to put in your order, you can expect the test to arrive in less than an hour. Imagine no longer having to call your doctor, local urgent care, or pharmacy to see if they can squeeze you in for a test! All you do is complete the saliva sample (Vault Health) or the nasal swab (Everlywell) and drop it in the mail inside a prepaid overnight shipping envelope.

doordash covid test
Courtesy of DoorDash

"As many as 30% of people skip doctor's appointments because they don't have a reliable way of getting there," Dr. Marisa Cruz, head of clinical affairs at Everlywell and former senior medical advisor for digital health at the Food and Drug Administration, said in a press release.

The Everlywell COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit DTC costs $109 for same-day delivery on DoorDash, and it includes a free telehealth consult with a doctor. The Vault Health COVID-19 Saliva Test is slightly pricier at $119, but both tests may be eligible for reimbursement by your healthcare insurance.

Available in 20 major cities, the Vault Health test will be a bit more widely accessible thanks to its website powered by DoorDash Drive. Known as the "last-mile fulfillment," patients who choose this route over ordering directly through the DoorDash app will get their test delivered on the same day and receive results within 48 hours.

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