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Drew Barrymore Just Shared Her Best Air Fryer Tips

The talk show host reveals her top tips for making quick and delicious meals in the popular device.

Drew Barrymore is an actor, producer, entrepreneur, and talk show host, and now, the multihyphenate star has yet another title to add to her CV: air fryer expert!

Barrymore, who released her Walmart-exclusive Beautiful Kitchenware line to great acclaim in in March, is now sharing her top tips for using the line's air fryer—which initially sold out in just 24 hours—with fans. Read on to discover how to make delicious  Barrymore-approved meals, right at home. And for more on your favorite celebs, Adam Sandler Issues Hilarious Response About Getting Turned Away By IHOP.


Dry your food as much as possible first.

person patting steak with a paper towel
Shutterstock / Natalia Lisovskaya

In an exclusive interview with People, Barrymore opened up about her top trick for getting dishes crispy in the air fryer: removing as much moisture from any item you're planning to air fry, from meat to vegetables, before it goes in the basket.

"This also prevents excess smoke and encourages browning," Barrymore explains.

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Space out your food.

chicken leg in air fryer basket
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Much like in a traditional baking pan, putting too many items into the air fryer at once can lead to a mushy mess.

"Don't overcrowd the basket; it'll lead to uneven cooking," Barrymore cautions. Spacing food out within the air fryer and moving it around periodically can help mitigate this problem, she explains.


Use the air fryer in place of your microwave.

french fries in air fryer basket
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Don't want to risk ruining your food by nuking it? "Instead of the microwave, use [the air fryer] to reheat foods for tastier leftovers," says Barrymore. And for insight into how your favorite stars stay healthy, Halle Berry Says This Is Her "Favorite Way to Stay Fit" in New Workout Pic.


Get creative.

buffalo cauliflower and blue cheese dressing on black plate
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Even if you're a culinary novice—or have had some serious mishaps in the kitchen in the past—Barrymore says the air fryer is perfect for getting home chefs out of their comfort zones while delivering amazing results.

Barrymore says the air fryer is perfect for "[getting] a texture that before you had to broil and be really talented in the kitchen to get." Among her favorite recipes to make in the device? Tasty buffalo cauliflower.

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