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Drew Barrymore Just Dropped the Most Gorgeous Kitchen Appliance Line

These stunning gadgets are perfect for adding a pop of retro color to your cooking space.
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Drew Barrymore has long been a style icon, but it's not just her fashion fans are eager to emulate. In addition to her Flower Beauty line, the actor/talk show host is behind the Flower Home goods line for Walmart, which boasts whimsical pieces that can infuse anyone's space with some extra aesthetic appeal, from sofas to serving trays.

Now, the beloved star has expanded her empire even further to include gorgeous and functional kitchen appliances as part of her new Beautiful Kitchenware collection. While the full line of gadgets won't be available until March 29, in celebration of St. Patrick's Day, the line has released its sage green collection.

Read on to discover our favorite pieces, and for more on your favorite celebrity foodies, Kourtney Kardashian Is Obsessed With Turmeric for This Reason.


This touchscreen air fryer

sage green air fryer

If you're eager to enjoy your favorite foods—from fries to fish—without adding extra calories and fat, an air fryer is a must-have. This stunning version can air fry dishes and has roast, reheat, and dehydrate functions too!

$89 at Walmart
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This programmable coffee maker

sage green coffee maker

Looking to break up with those wasteful coffee pods once and for all? This programmable coffee maker is a gorgeous addition to any countertop and brews up to four cups of coffee with the touch of a button.

$59 at Walmart
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This high performance blender

sage green blender

Whether you're whipping up a smoothie or soup, this retro-inspired blender is an aesthetically pleasing addition to any culinary space. Boasting a powerful one-horsepower motor, it'll have those frozen fruits and ice cubes crushed in an instant.

$59 at Walmart
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This touchscreen toaster

sage green toaster with waffles in it

You don't have to sacrifice functionality in favor of style when buying a toaster. Case in point: this touchscreen toaster is every bit as easy on the eyes as it is to use.

$40 at Walmart
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This air fryer toaster oven

sage green air fryer toaster oven

No counter space? No problem! With this combination air fryer and toaster oven, you can whip up everything from tilapia filets to toast in mere minutes.

$129 at Walmart
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This electric kettle

sage green touchscreen kettle

When you're ready to wind down with a cup of tea at the end of the day, you'll be glad you had this stylish touchscreen kettle on hand. Not only can it boil seven cups of water in seven minutes, it even has specific presets for the type of tea you're making, from white tea to oolong.

$40 at Walmart
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