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Eva Longoria Shares Her Challenging Butt Workout In New Video

The star's at-home workout looks every bit as fun as it does tough.
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Eva Longoria hasn't let the pandemic keep her from her regular exercise routine—instead of hitting the gym, she's brought the gym to her! In a new video posted to her Instagram, Longoria reveals the butt-toning workout she's been tackling at home to stay fit, and it looks like she's having a whole lot of fun doing it.

In the video, Longoria can be seen doing a series of squats with dumbbell curls, high knees, jumping jacks, inverted Vs, and step squats on The Ness Trampoline.

"Sisterhood of the…traveling trampoline ?☀️," she joked of her trampoline's world traveler status.

Longoria has even managed to get her 3-year-old-son, Santiago, in on the fun. On June 26, the former Desperate Housewives star posted a video of herself and her little one jumping on her trampoline together.

"My workout buddy!" she captioned the clip.

However, it's not just Longoria's workouts that have kept her energized and fit over the past year. The star has also admitted to becoming something of a culinary wiz while stuck at home.

"I've been really bringing it during COVID. I've been making everything from fish tacos to shepherd's pie to curry. No day is the same," she told EatingWell in a recent interview. "I'm always scouring online and on Instagram. I follow a lot of foodie people and I've been trying new recipes."

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