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KFC Is Now Testing This Famous Hot and Sweet Sauce

Here's where you can try the culinary staple of Washington, D.C.

Keeping fast-food menus interesting season after season is quite a task, but sometimes all you need is a new sauce to spice things up.

KFC clearly knows this and is bringing the iconic Mambo sauce to select locations this week. And Mambo sauce isn't just any dipping sauce—it's a condiment with a decades-long history in the Black culinary tradition of Washington D.C. Within this microcosmos, the sauce is already a fast-food superstar, used at most restaurants and on everything from fried chicken to French fries.

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The chicken chain is partnering with Black woman-owned business Capital City for this endeavor. Co-founder and CEO Arsha Jones began making her own Mambo sauce after moving to the suburbs of the capital and realizing the culinary staple was difficult to come by. The partnership will bring more brand awareness to Capital City and the sauce which is virtually unknown outside of the area.

"KFC has given Capital City a huge opportunity to highlight a culture that many don't get a chance to experience,"  Jones said in a press release. "When visitors think of Washington, D.C., they envision museums, government, and politics, but there's a huge community just beyond those few blocks that has a rich history filled with styles, music, lingo, and food all our own. We are proud to be able to partner with KFC to share our culture with more people."

The sweet and tangy sauce will be available as part of several meal combos: the Chicken Sandwich Combo Meal, the 4-piece Tenders Combo, and the 2-piece Breast & Wing Combo Meal. But customers can also add it to any order for an additional cost.

Sweet Hot Capital City mambo sauce will be available at select KFC restaurants in D.C., Dallas, and Atlanta for a limited time.

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