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Burger Brand Friendly's Is Adding This Second Chain to Some of Its Locations

Here's how that will change its menu.

Your favorite Friendly's burger may be a guilty pleasure but you'll now also be able to buy "America's healthiest smoothies" at some of the chain's locations to offset the indulgence.

According to QSR Magazine, two Friendly's locations in New England will soon have a new roommate moving in: Smoothie Factory. The chains will be sharing co-branded spaces in newly opened Friendly's restaurants in North Haven and Vernon, Conn., marking the smoothie chain's first locations in the Northeast. And they may be the first of many more, pending the success of the partnership.

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The chains recently became sister companies after Friendly's was bought out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy by multi-brand franchising company Brix Holdings, the restaurant group that operates Smoothie Factory, Red Mango, and RedBrick Pizza. The transaction allowed the struggling chain to keep nearly all of its 130 locations open and preserve thousands of jobs. And the new ownership has found a way to expand on the acquisition.

"We are uniquely positioned to capitalize on existing real estate and increase foot traffic by using our Friendly's kitchen to prepare and serve Smoothie Factory items for online ordering and delivery," said Craig Erlich, president and CEO of Brix Holdings. "Now both our loyal patrons and new customers alike will have access to the best menus in both categories, with convenient online ordering."

This means that customers will be able to order menu items from both brands online at and for delivery and pickup from both Friendly's locations.

The health-forward Smoothie Factory features a menu of specialty smoothies and power bowls, all made with a blend of whole fruits, superfoods, and other good-for-you ingredients.

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