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Gordon Ramsay Just Launched This New Line of Wine—With a Twist

Using sustainable and organic grapes (and minimal filtration), Ramsay's created wines to suit every taste.

Gordon Ramsay has a new title to add to his ever-growing CV: Winemaker! The Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted star (and erstwhile MasterChef judge) has just launched his own line of Gordon Ramsay Signature Wines, which he's created with Master Sommelier Chris Miller of Monterey, California-based Seabold Sellars, and International Wine Expert Nick Dumergue.

The grapes used in Ramsay's new line of wines are sourced from organic and sustainable vineyards. The end products are vegan, minimally filtered, contain native yeast in their fermentation process, and are produced with "restrained use of oak."

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Ramsay's current lineup of California-produced wines includes a 2019 Monterey Sauvignon Blanc, 2018 Monterey Chardonnay, 2018 Sonoma County Reserve Chardonnay, 2019 Monterey Rosé, 2018 Monterey Pinot Noir, 2018 California Cabernet Sauvignon, 2018 Santa Cruz Mountains Cabernet Sauvignon, and a 2018 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, with bottles ranging in price from $20 to $60.

However, these new wines come with a unique twist: Ramsay has also added tasting notes, pairing suggestions, and complimentary recipes for the suggested dishes. The signature Ramsay recipes range from high-brow fare to comfort food favorites. If you're looking for a dish to pair with your 2018 Sonoma County Reserve Chardonnay, for instance, Ramsay suggests his skillet truffle mac and cheese; if you've purchased his 2018 California Cabernet Sauvignon, on the other hand, you might want to whip up Ramsay's short rib burger with chimichurri mayonnaise to accompany it.

"My time in California has convinced me that Californian wines stand with the best in the world. Passionate winemakers in California's cooler climate regions are producing delicious, balanced wines that complement our cuisine," says Ramsay.

If you're eager to try a bottle of Ramsay's wine for yourself, they're available exclusively at, where you can also find the recipes and sign up for The Ramsay Wine Club, which ships between 4 and 12 bottles of wine to you at intervals throughout the year (at up to 20 percent off retail prices).

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