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Grocery Prices Will Continue to Spike, This Grocery Chain Says

Be prepared to continue to pay more for your groceries for the rest of the year.

Grocery shoppers hoping for some relief from high prices when looking at their next receipt will have to wait a little while, one of the largest grocery chains in America says.

Company leaders from Kroger held a second-quarter earnings call on Sept. 9 and revealed that because inflation is higher than anticipated, the business plan for the rest of the year is impacted. This means that grocery costs will stay high—about 2% to 3% more than usual.

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Here's what Chief Financial Officer Gary Millerchip says about what customers can expect:

"We are being disciplined in working with suppliers to manage these increases, and are passing along higher cost to the customer when it makes sense to do so. While difficult to predict with precision, as we shared last quarter, we believe inflation for the full year will be higher than originally contemplated in our 2021 business plan."

This isn't new info. Before summer 2021 started, things like hot dogs, beef, alcohol, and other groceries were still expensive. Even now, "some executives anticipate…some of the highest price increases in recent memory," the Wall Street Journal says. So because prices haven't fallen in months, grocery stores have taken to growing their supply of all kinds of items from sugar to frozen meat.

Shoppers will have to wait and see exactly which items will become even more pricey in the coming months. In the meantime, here are 30 Shopping Hacks to Save Money at the Grocery Store.

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