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Woman Hatches a Duck From Eggs She Bought at the Grocery Store

This peculiar supermarket experiment has resulted in a pet duck named Braddock Morrison.

A woman recently took a social media experiment she saw on TikTok to a strange new level by hatching a duck from a carton of store-bought eggs she purchased at her local grocery store.

Inspired by someone who claimed to have done the exact same thing on TikTok, Adele Phillips of Wales in the UK went to her local supermarket in March and purchased a half-dozen duck eggs. She says she "had to keep them warm on the way home although as they had already been on a shelf for a few days." Then, using an incubator she'd bought online, she put the six eggs under a heat lamp and observed them for a few days, noticing at day 10 that one was beginning to show veins—a sign that she'd read meant that it was fertile.

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On day 27, Phillips noticed movement in the egg, and told the BBC that 48 hours later, "I got home from work, and he was just sitting there." "He" was a baby duck.

duck eggs
Courtesy of Adele Phillips

Phillips told Bored Panda: "I continued the process of turning it 3-4 times a day, spraying it with water and bringing it to room temperature, and putting it back in for a few hours before repeating the turning. I have footage of it developing over the process, on day 27-ish he started to peck holes in the egg and I was so excited! He was out 48 hours later when I got home from work, I am absolutely overjoyed as I didn't think this would work at all!"

Phillips has named her new pet duck Braddock Morrison, after the breed of duck and the grocery store she bought the eggs from.

"When I first told people I had the egg, they were all having a laugh at me," Phillips told Wales Online. "My partner thinks it is really cool and was shocked that could happen from a supermarket egg."

For her part, it sounds like Phillips was delighted at the outcome of her homemade agricultural experiment. "I am amazed and it really hit me when I saw come out of its shell. I thought, What have I done? It is just mad." One additional reflection she shared: "My pet could easily have been on someone's toast."

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