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This Genius Grocery Shopping Hack Is Going Viral

Head to the laundry room before your next shopping trip!
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Your laundry basket isn't just for clothes anymore. Thanks to some savvy grocery store shoppers on social media, the household item can be used to make your weekly food haul easier.

After all, no one really likes to bring a bunch of reusable bags to the grocery store, load them up with items, and then unload them in the kitchen. (And we won't even get into the wastefulness of plastic bags…) That's why TikTok user @1980sgamer shared this easy and environmentally-friendly solution with the social media world: Have an empty laundry basket or two waiting in the trunk of your car in order to skip the grocery-bagging process completely. (Related: Grocery Shortages To Expect in 2021, According to Experts.)

As @1980sgamer explains in the video below, you simply grocery shop like normal, but instead of bagging your items at the checkout line, you simply put them back in your cart and wheel them to your car, where an empty laundry basket or two is waiting in your trunk to be filled with your haul. Then, return the cart, and once you get home, you can simply carry the baskets into your home to unload.

@1980sgamerThis is the best grocery shopping hack yet! It just keeps getting better. ##aldishopping ##bagless ##laundrybasket ##plasticbags♬ original sound – 1980s Gamer

This grocery shopping hack has already amassed more than 13 million views on TikTok. Not only does the trick help you carry everything you purchased (hello, handles!), but it also keeps food items from flopping around in your trunk during the drive home. Plus, it gets you in and out of the grocery store faster, which is especially important during the ongoing pandemic. (For more on that, we talked to experts to find out their best tips for quick grocery shopping.)

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Amanda McDonald
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