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Heidi Klum Shares Her Leg and Butt Workout in New Video

The star's lower body workout may be challenging, but the results are undeniable.

Heidi Klum may not be walking the runway these days, but the star hasn't given up on maintaining her supermodel shape. However, Klum doesn't exclusively rely on personal trainers or expensive pieces of workout equipment to stay fit—the model and TV presenter manages to stay in shape right at home with just a few easy exercises.

On July 13, Klum showed off her latest leg- and butt-toning workout with her social media followers on her Instagram Stories. In the clip, Klum can be seen lying on her back in front of a mirror, bicycling her legs, to which she's affixed ankle weights. Klum wasn't the only member of her household to get in on the fun, though—the supermodel's husband, musician Tom Kaulitz, can be seen in the background lifting dumbbells.

heidi klum in pink leggings with ankle weights bicycling her legs in front of a mirror
© Heidi Klum / Instagram

While Klum is clearly no couch potato, the star has admitted in the past that she's not one to spend day after day at the gym.

"I don't really exercise that much. I mean, two times a week for sure," the star told Buro magazine. "I will do the Stairmaster I've got at home or a running machine…Sometimes I'll do some little weights while I'm running."

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Klum explained that she's particularly cautious about not overdoing her workouts.

"[I] think it's important not to exercise too much," she told the magazine. "I don't think you have to do a lot, but if you do a little bit all the time, I think that's important."

What Klum is somewhat more diligent about, however, is her diet. In another post to her Instagram Stories, Klum showed off the bounty she'd recently picked from her garden, including potatoes, beets, cucumbers, carrots, and scallions, noting that they would soon become a meal for her family.

table covered in beets, potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and scallions from heidi klum's garden
© Heidi Klum / Instagram

In fact, Klum credits primarily consuming home-cooked meals with helping her maintain her shape.

"[I] have four children, so we cook a lot. I don't really eat out a lot," she admitted to ET during a 2018 interview. "I think when you eat out a lot or order food in a lot, it kind of gets a little tricky, because you don't know what people are putting in there."

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