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This Popular Burger Chain Is Getting a New Look

And will be adding drive-thru-only locations.

Beloved 70-year-old burger chain Jack in the Box is evolving in several important ways. While customers will be thrilled to learn new menu items are on the horizon, one of the biggest takeaways the chain has from the pandemic is that making upgrades for speed and convenience is the best thing they can do for their customers.

So the chain has come up with a brand new restaurant design that will feature some major upgrades on its current locations.

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It's all about the drive-thru

jack in the box
Courtesy of Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box will soon open its first drive-thru-only locations, where drive-thrus come with two lanes: one for regular on-site orders and one for online pickup and third-party delivery. According to QSR Magazine, the emphasis on drive-thrus makes sense for the chain since 98% of their pandemic sales came from this channel. This setup is very similar to the one recently unveiled by Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers.

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Much smaller restaurants

jack in the box
Courtesy of Jack in the Box

The new restaurant prototype is only 1,300 square feet in size, which makes it less than half the size of older locations. The new model will reduce the chain's costs between 18% and 23%, according to QSR Magazine.

. . . that function more efficiently

Store front

But reducing the size of the restaurants wasn't just about reducing costs, according to CEO Darin Harris. It's also going to help the locations function more efficiently, providing you with better service.

"We looked at everything from equipment to design to square footage to try to find the most efficient way to the guest," Harris says. "So it's not just one area—it's multiple areas. The easiest thing to take out was square footage. But within that, we found things like stacking, shelving, different ways to equipment and how it was customized or built."

So where will we see these new restaurants first?

Jack in the Box

Three drive-thru-only locations are already in the works, and the first one will be unveiled in Tulsa, Okla. The chain is eyeing major growth in several markets and has recently signed contracts for 23 more locations with its operators, which will be a 6% growth on its 358-store footprint.

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