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We Tasted Kraft's Pink Mac & Cheese and Here's The Honest Review

kraft mac and cheese

In honor of the day of love, Kraft recently debuted a brand new Valentine's version of its iconic mac and cheese. A select number of recipients got their hands on the pink-colored dish, and Eat This, Not That! was one of the lucky few.

Inside the appropriately-shaped heart package, I received a box of original mac and cheese, plus a packet of pink candy powder. This add-on contains 3 grams of added sugar and vanilla extract, but I'll dive more into the flavor profile later.

The instructions say to make the mac and cheese like normal, then stir in the pink packet. (Per our genius mac and cheese hack, I used oat milk.) The powder smells slightly like a Baby Bottle Pop or Pixie Stick—and that's how it tastes, too.

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There's nothing quite like the original, which is why it's on our best boxed mac and cheese brands list. The pink candy version also has cheese, but it doesn't taste as cheesy. The noodles turn a deep magenta color, so I was expecting a bolder flavor profile—something like a cheesy Jolly Rancher. It's still super creamy, but the candy flavor is surprisingly subtle—and underwhelming.

kraft mac and cheese
Amanda McDonald/ Eat This, Not That!

Sometimes, the mac and cheese on my plate would mix with the ketchup I dipped my chicken nuggets into as a kid. That's exactly what this mac and cheese reminds me of—two independent flavors competing with each other. Instead, they basically cancel themselves out.

I didn't fall in love at first taste with my Valentine's Day mac and cheese, but I didn't hate it either. I'd go on another date with pink mac and cheese, though I'd probably color it pink myself with a DIY food dye next time (and skip the pre-packaged candy flavor).

And for a healthy and cheesy mac and cheese recipe, here's ours with spinach, tomato, and ham. To get all of the latest grocery store and other food news delivered right to your email inbox every day, sign up for our newsletter!

Amanda McDonald
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