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The Least Favorite Kitchen Chore

You're not alone if you dread this nightly task.

Ah, spring cleaning. The thought of having a sparkling-clean home is always appealing. But the reality of scrubbing your kitchen, bathroom, and everything in between probably doesn't spark joy. And during the pandemic, when most of us are spending a lot more time at home than before, the last thing you want to do is spend hours cleaning.

With that in mind, German washer-dryer company Miele analyzed Twitter data to see which household chores people hate the most, as well as which ones they don't mind doing come spring. The company looked at more than 11,000 tweets and rated them on a score from 0 to 100, with 0 noting the most "negative" tweets, and thus, the most-hated chores.

Some of the findings aren't a total surprise—decorating, for instance, was the "most-loved" chore on the list. Who doesn't love changing their household's decor to match the season? Second on the most-loved list was "filling the dishwasher"; there's just something so satisfying about knowing a machine will do the hard work for you. But if you're curious about which chore people hate the most, keep reading.

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Doing the dishes is a universally-loathed task

There's just something so arduous about turning on the hot water and scrubbing pans. Washing dishes topped the list of least-favorite chores, according to Miele's research. So if you've ever thought about how much you hate doing dishes as you're cleaning up after a home-cooked meal, you're far from alone.

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Even tasks like dusting and cleaning the gutters had a higher "sentimentality score" than doing the dishes. It seems like people will do pretty much any other "spring cleaning" task if it keeps them away from the kitchen sink!

And if you still want to avoid spending a long time on kitchen cleanup, you can always try a sheet pan supper or another one-dish meal, so you won't be scrubbing multiple pots and pans. Here are 30 One-Pot Meals to get you started.

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