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America's Third-Biggest Pizza Chain Is Opening Dozens of New Locations

They're invested in "infiltrating" one particular city.

"Pizza! Pizza!" is the catchphrase of this national pizzeria… and according to a new report, when they promise pizza, they mean it. The pizza chain that's beloved in large part for its noteworthy deals has been baking up a plan to take its product wider. In particular, they're about to put a serious stake in the ground in one Midwestern city.

It sounds like just before the pandemic, Little Caesars lucked out. For six decades, the pizza chain (which first opened in 1959) offered their pizzas only by pickup in stores. According to a report this week in Nation's Restaurant News, in February 2020, Little Caesars switched over to a customer-centered mobile ordering system to provide its first-ever pizza delivery service. That proved to be fortunate timing.

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Now, Little Caesars is hustling hard to keep up with consumer demand. NRN reports that by 2024, the Detroit-headquartered Little Caesars has its sights set on "infiltrating the St. Louis market" with 35 new locations—with 10 of those opening in the next two years.

Little Caeasars

It sounds like that may just be the start of an aggressive growth phase for Little Caesars, which, according to the data company Scrapehero, currently has 4,180 U.S. locations. NRN reports that after it's secured this new foothold in St. Louis, the "cheeser-cheeser" chain may establish a greater presence in cities like Charlotte, New Orleans, New York, and Tampa, as well as throughout the Pacific Northwest.

NRN suggests all these new Little Caesars locations are inspired by the popularity of pizza, as fueled by the pandemic. As Americans order up more pizza than ever, brands like Domino's, Pizza Hut, and Papa John's all seem to be strategizing to get close to more customers.

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