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This Legendary Hawaiian Bakery Is Closing After 170 Years

The Aloha State's food scene won't be the same.

If you've lived or traveled in Hawaii in the last century, you've likely enjoyed the delicious local products from Love's Bakery. The legendary Hawaiian establishment has been a beacon among the food offerings on the island of Oahu as well as grocery stores across the state. But even its ubiquity in the Aloha State couldn't save the company from the impact of COVID-19, leading to the decision to shut the business down for good.

The 170-year-old bakery announced this month they will cease operations after March 31 due to dwindling demand and a difficult year for restaurants and retail. According to Fox News, Love's used to supply supermarkets, schools, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and military bases with fresh bread, as well as selling breads, bagels, English muffins, hamburgers, and hot dog buns, and donuts on site.

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Unfortunately, the company said it was delinquent in rent and unable to qualify for the second round of PPP loans, according to its Federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) letter and Hawaii Dislocated Workers Act note.

"COVID-19 has also impacted many of our mainland suppliers causing delays in the ingredients and replacement parts for our aging bakery equipment," the note said. "With the decline in revenue and the increasing expenses to keep a bakery running, we have made the difficult decision to cease operations as a faltering business."

Love's will have to let go of more than 230 employees which is another huge loss for the local community. Residents and visitors alike have been mourning the news of the closure online.

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