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These Popular Fast-Food Chains Are Struggling With Unexpected Shortages

While the spot shortages seem to be temporary, they could affect your next order.

Chicken wings, chicken tenders, boba tea, dipping sauces, oat milk . . . the post-pandemic year has been filled with major shortages of ingredients at the nation's largest fast-food chains. According to Reuters, the supply issues aren't usually caused by the scarcity of the product itself, but by reduced farm labor, facility closures, and the ongoing pandemic pressure on transportation networks.

Now, new potentially troubling shortages have emerged at major restaurant brands. While the situation is still limited to only temporary, spot outages of ingredients, it could very well affect your next order. Here's what's been missing at chain restaurants nationwide.

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Chipotle Mexican Grill/ Yelp

According to a recent report from Reuters, a Chipotle location in New Jersey was out of barbacoa and carnitas during a busy lunchtime period last week. According to the publication, the company denied any overarching supply issues in its network and said the spot shortages shouldn't last more than a few hours. Here's why prices are going up at the beloved Mexican chain.

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Subway/ Yelp

A location of America's largest fast-food chain based in New York City reported running out of roast beef, rotisserie chicken, ketchup, and spicy mustard. The two popular proteins were recently put back on the menu at Subway, after being discontinued during the pandemic. Check out the latest development in the chain's tuna controversy.



Mark L./ Yelp

Reuters reported a shortage of lettuce at a Wendy's franchisee location in the South. The operator reported receiving only half of their lettuce order, according to the news outlet.



starbucks iced green tea
Amanda Lundberg/ YouTube

In early June, a leaked internal memo from Starbucks revealed the chain is experiencing major shortages of several important ingredients and will be putting as many as 25 menu items on temporary hiatus due to the unreliable supply.

A Starbucks spokesperson told Reuters the shortages are temporary and vary from store to store. A Poughkeepsie, N.Y. store said they were most recently out of iced green tea, cinnamon dolce syrup, and spinach, feta, and egg white wraps. And here are some other reasons why the chain is currently experiencing chaos at its locations.

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