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These McDonald's Super-Fans Turned Their Home Into a Shrine

Their home is a museum of over 100 fast food artifacts.

One Virginia couple has a distinct love for preservation, as their nostalgic fast food– and pop culture-themed home has gone viral in international media. And you thought the Golden Arches got you excited—these two have a vintage McDonald's sign hanging on a wall that's painted "McDonald's red"!

Taylor and Adam Gecking have a super-sized scale of flare. The Richmond, Virginia couple are collectors of fast-food memorabilia, but we're not talking a small box of old Happy Meal toys. In fact, their entire home is a museum of items from the old days of McDonald's and other memorable snacks.

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As Metro UK reported on Friday, Taylor Gecking's massive McDonald's home renovation started with a treasure she found while antiquing. "My husband and I stopped at a flea market during a road trip and saw the Ronald McDonald stained-glass piece," Gecking said. "I was inexplicably drawn to it … I walked away from it that day, but a whole year later, as we were driving through the same area, I asked him to stop at the flea market so I could see if [the piece] was still there." The price hadn't budged, but, seeing how much she loved the window, her husband "surprised her with the kitschy artwork the next day—having driven eight hours round-trip back to West Virginia to buy it for her," Metro UK reports.

That triggered a quest for more universally appetizing gems, and the Geckings completed their home reno during the pandemic. That made the Geckings' home a veritable shrine to the 1970s and '80s, with a statue of the Kool-Aid Man, an original 1970s McDonald's sign bearing the Golden Arches, an old department store carousel, and McDonald's curtains.

Taylor Gecking, whose Facebook page reveals that she's a professional embalmer and funeral director, revealed that her husband doesn't share quite the same love of classic fast food. "Adam has no McDonald's nostalgia whatsoever, in fact he's vegan, but he still gets just as excited as I do when we find a McDonald's item because he knows how happy it makes me." She added that he "didn't flinch when I told him I was painting our whole stairwell McDonald's red with McDonald's yellow trim. We love that our home reflects us."

As for what Gecking's got her sights on next, she says she hopes for a bench with a Ronald McDonald statue perched on it.

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