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McDonald's Is Now Offering This Unusual Seating In Some Restaurants

The chain is piloting a new way to enjoy dining in McDonald's.

There is a new seating option in two McDonald's restaurants in China, and if these pilot programs prove popular with customers, the chain has announced plans for a greater expansion. The "seats" in this case are bike seats—atop stationary bikes, to be precise.

According to Fox 35 Orlando, a McDonald's in Jieyang Wanda and one in Shanghai have installed multiple exercise bikes in their dining rooms, offering customers a chance to get in a quick workout while they eat.

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The bikes, which have large trays capable of accommodating food and drinks rather than handlebars, are about more than just fitness, however. They can be used to charge small electronic devices, the user generating his or her own power with their pedaling.

And it's good that the bikes have that extra feature, as the benefits they will offer from a health and wellness standpoint are limited at best.

According to Medical News Today, a Harvard University study found that an adult of average weight would burn 260 calories while pedaling a stationary bike at a "moderate pace" for a half-hour. Vigorous pedaling increases the calorie burn by more than 100, and heavier individuals will burn more calories in the same period of time. Still, given the calorie count of popular McDonald's menu items, the bike workout hardly offsets the meal being eaten while pedaling. A Big Mac, for example, has 550 calories, while medium fries pack in another 320. Add to that the 150 calories found in a small Coca-Cola and you'd need to pedal for hours to burn your meal.

Regardless, customer response to the bikes in China has been overwhelmingly positive and customers around the world have been taking notice.

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