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McDonald's Said It's Reviewing This Policy After the DC Riots

The company presses pause on donations to political causes.

McDonald's announced it will pause political giving while it reviews its corporate policies in the wake of the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol last week. The news comes days after CEO Chris Kempczinski condemned the riots in the nation's capital, endorsing a statement from leaders of large corporations that denounced President Donald Trump and other politicians who "incited this insurrection."

Though McDonald's itself contributes very little to political causes, the company operates an active political action committee (PAC) to which employees and franchisees can donate, according to Restaurant Business. The PAC allegedly gave more than $500,000 to candidates for federal political office during the last election cycle. Almost two-thirds of those donations went to Republicans running for office, and more than $100,000 went to politicians who contested the certification of President-elect Joe Biden. (Related: McDonald's Is Making These 8 Major Upgrades.)

The fast-food giant now wants to exercise more control over these donations and the causes they support. "We have already paused all of our political giving while we review our policies and procedures," McDonald's said in a statement to Restaurant Business. "Going forward, we will ensure that all contributions continue to align with our values and the purpose of our business."

McDonald's isn't the only company to make this move since Jan. 6. Walmart, Marriot, and Disney have all said they would suspend donations to Republicans who voted against certifying the election.

Other food companies that openly condemned the current president for inciting violence on the Capitol are ice-cream makers Ben & Jerry's, who called for Trump's impeachment on its corporate social media accounts, and Coca-Cola, who tweeted that the events were "an offense to the ideals of American democracy." The soda giant, for its part, called for a peaceful transition of power.

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