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McDonald's New Promo Is Offering Menu Items for 25 Cents

Each Thursday, the chain will serve up throwback prices.

Eating at McDonald's not only just got cheaper but also more nostalgic than ever. That's because the beloved fast-food chain is serving up a series of craveable Throwback Thursday promotions through the McDonald's app.

Starting today and extending through Feb. 18, Mickey D's will sell a different menu item each Thursday at a cost that throws back to its prices from the '80s and '90s. In other words, you'll be able to score some of McDonald's most popular items for pennies on the dollar. (Related: McDonald's Is Making These 8 Major Upgrades.)

The promotion launches with 25-cent cheeseburgers, which you can nab with a minimum $1 in-app purchase. And we already know the offers in store for the next four Thursdays:

  • Jan. 28: Small Shake for 25 cents with a minimum $1 in-app purchase,
  • Feb. 4: Apple Pie for 20 cents with a minimum $1 in-app purchase,
  • Feb. 11: Large Fries for 35 cents with a minimum $1 in-app purchase,
  • Feb. 18: Cheeseburger for 25 cents with minimum $1 in-app purchase.

These deals are valid at participating locations, and you'll only be able to redeem them at the drive-thru or via curbside pickup. Don't worry if you missed today's cheeseburger promo—it will repeat on Feb. 18!

Since you only need to spend $1 to unlock these deals, this Thursday grub may be the cheapest you'll ever get your hands on at McDonald's. As it turns out, financial experts say there's a lot we can learn about inflation by tracking McDonald's prices through the decades—especially when it comes to Big Macs. Here's how the cost of a McDonald's Big Mac has changed in the five decades it's been available and what that says about the value of the dollar.

Earlier this year, McDonald's revealed that one of its classic menu offerings—the Happy Meal—could be getting more expensive in 2021. The chain is rolling back a subsidy program on the kid meal, which may force franchises to raise prices.

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