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McDonald's Recent Promo Crashed Its App, Disappointing Customers

The discounted Egg McMuffin was not all it was cracked up to be.

McDonald's customers had high hopes for an anniversary celebration that took place this week, but unfortunately, the party did not go according to plan.

On November 18, the fast-food chain set out to honor 50 years of the Egg McMuffin—a customer favorite that was its first-ever fast-food breakfast item when introduced five decades ago. Mickey D's did so by returning to the original pricing for the McMuffin from 1971, and discounted the item to just 63 cents. Customers were also encouraged to experiment with their breakfast sandwiches using different secret-menu hacks that have evolved throughout the years.

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There was one major flaw with this plan, however—McDonald's made this offer redeemable only through the app, which meant that everyone who wanted to partake was using the app during the chain's breakfast hours on the morning of the practically-free McMuffin giveaway. Naturally, the app ended up crashing, leaving customers disappointed and McMuffin-less.

As Fox Business reported, app error messages spiked between 8:20 and 9:50 a.m. EST, which was "prime Egg McMuffin time." Twitter erupted with outrage, where hordes of customers complained that the app took an abnormally long amount of time to load, and in many cases, logged them out. The emails required to log back in were apparently also quite delayed, which was a problem because McDonald's limited this promotion to breakfast hours only (it was to last until 10:30 a.m. at most locations).

As one Twitter user put it, the clock ran out on him, leaving him with a larger hole in his pocket than expected.

Other customers were equally fired up, insinuating that perhaps this error was more intentional than not.

Ultimately, though, the reaction to the Egg McMuffin debacle was met with sadness. It was clear to most people that the "great Egg McMuffin rush of 2021" was simply too much for the McDonald's app infrastructure to support.

You'd think McDonald's would have learned a thing or two from the Chipotle Boorito fiasco that crashed the Roblox website earlier this month.

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