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McDonald's Is Launching Three Major New Menu Items in February

And the competition isn't lovin' it.

After the McChicken fell short of expectations, rumors swirled for most of last year that McDonald's was fiercely focused on putting out a fried chicken sandwich that would rival its competitors. Now, we finally have a firm release date and more details on exactly what to expect from the fast-food chain's new chicken pursuits.

McDonald's confirmed something was in the works in December, when it came to light that it was testing two new sandwiches—the Crispy Chicken and the Deluxe Chicken—in some parts of the country. And it seems as if those tests gave McDonald's a boost of confidence, because the company just confirmed to Business Insider that it would launch not two but three new chicken sandwiches on Feb. 24. (Related: McDonald's Is Making These 8 Major Upgrades.)

All three sandwiches will feature the new thicker and juicier chicken fillet tested by McDonald's last year. Besides the two aforementioned sandwiches, the company is also adding a spicy version of the sandwich to the lineup. The Spicy Crispy Chicken sandwich will be made with crinkle-cut pickles and a new spicy pepper sauce, and we can't help but wonder whether its inception has anything to do with the dizzying success of their sold out Spicy Chicken Nuggets.

The burger slinger is putting out a strong new lineup in the hope of winning over chicken sandwich customers from rival chains that garnered unprecedented success with their own product launches. In fact, many have noticed that all three new sandwiches sound an awful lot like those in Chick-fil-A's arsenal. The basic Crispy Chicken boasts the juicy chicken fillet with pickles on a buttered potato bun—an exact replica of Chick-fil-A's chicken sandwich, which also comes in the spicy and deluxe variations.

In fact, the McDonald's version will imitate Chick-fil-A's down to the wrapper, which is going to be a foil bag—a first for the Golden Arches. Let's hope Chick-fil-A thinks that imitation is the best form of flattery.

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