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This Is the Worst Day of the Week to Order McDonald's, Says an Employee

According to an insider, this is when food quality supervision is minimal.

McDonald's prides itself on a uniformly consistent quality of food from store to store, but many of us have experienced at least one instance of the fast-food chain being off its game. Whether your order is cold, your burger's missing the beef patty, or your McNuggets contain an injury-causing bone, these less-than-satisfying food experiences usually come about once in a blue moon and randomly. But there's one particular day of the week when things are more likely to go awry with your order at this beloved chain, according to one former McDonald's employee.

Reddit user rocoonshcnoon, who identifies himself as having recently quit his job at McDonald's, decided to lay bare some of the chain's dirty secrets. Besides the fact that he never recommends ordering a Mickey D's breakfast past noon or bothering employees for freshly made McNuggets, he also revealed that on Sundays, your McDonald's order may not be as good as usual. (RELATED: 7 New Fast-Food Chicken Sandwiches Everyone's Talking About.)

He further states that the reason for this lapse in quality is due to the fact that McDonald's general managers are usually off duty on Sundays, which inevitably causes a drop in food quality. When the cat's away . . . amiright?!

I quit my job at mcdonalds so heres my confessions from r/teenagers

We've previously reported that the worst day of the week to eat at a chain restaurant is Monday—the day after a busy weekend period when employee fatigue sets in and ingredients run stale. That would make Thursdays and Fridays the best days to eat out because deliveries of fresh ingredients have recently taken place and the restaurants have their A-teams of chefs and servers working the busiest shifts. These all-star employees are likely to provide the best customer service.

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