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This Popular Grocery Store Chain Is Planning a Major Makeover In This State

The newest store in development will have a much smaller footprint... and less items, too.

Different grocery store chains are known for their unique shopping experiences. Walmart has everything from food and prescriptions to furniture and fishing equipment. Costco sells everything in bulk. Publix has Pub Subs. And now, a new Meijer grocery store is coming to Orion Township, Mich., and it won't look like anything shoppers have seen before. In fact, this new location will be considerably smaller than others by the same chain.

The superstores Meijer has in six different states are huge, but according to plans submitted to the local planning commission in Orion Township north of Detroit, the chain's newest grocery store will be only 90,000 square feet (usually, Meijer stores are 200,000 square feet). It also won't carry any items besides food, according to Grocery Dive, whereas the supply at superstores offers much more.

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Outside the new Meijer grocery store will be space for curbside pickup parking spots. Inside will be a full-service pharmacy, lots of produce, a deli, bakery, alcohol, and a few general merchandise items. The real estate manager for Meijer told the city's planning committee that there also won't be any electronics or clothing.

It isn't the first time the grocery store chain has ventured away from giant superstores. In 2020, Meijer opened five 150,000-square-foot stores in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio. During that time, it also cut the ribbon on other branded stores: a 41,000-square-foot Woodward Corner Market in Detroit, a 37,000-square-foot Capital City marker in Lansing, and a Bridge Street Market of the same size in Grand Rapids.

Eat This, Not That! has reached out to the chain for more information, like when the Orion Township location is slated to open.

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Amanda McDonald
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