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This Popular Burger Chain Just Opened Its First NYC Location

The fast-food spot found a home near Times Square.
MOOYAH cheeseburger and fries

Burger fans, rejoice. A brand new option just opened in New York City's famed Times Square, and if you haven't yet tried MOOYAH, now's the time to do it. This franchise, which is part of the Texas-based fast-food chain, opened Feb. 1 at 485 7th Ave., just on the fringes of New York's tourist hotspot.

MOOYAH specializes in burgers, of course, but also offers hand-cut french fries and delicious milkshakes. What makes MOOYAH unique is that you build your burger from the bottom up each time, and you have so many options to choose from. You can select an Angus beef burger, a turkey burger, or a black bean burger. Build your sandwich on a bun, lettuce, or even make an avocado burger. You can then add whatever toppings your heart desires, making it a great quick-service restaurant to suit a wide variety of dietary needs. If you want to order a pre-built burger to save yourself time and energy, though, you can — MOOYAH has a ton of unique burgers to choose from. (Speaking of burger chains, check out these 8 major upgrades McDonald's is making.)

The NYC MOOYAH is also operating under a COVID-19-friendly system right now: it's designed to cater to delivery and takeout, but according to a press release, once restrictions lift, the location will have a functioning dining room. The Times Square location is also designed with MOOYAH's updated concept with a closed kitchen, digital menus, zoned dining, and more. However, until COVID-19 restrictions lift, customers won't get the full MOOYAH experience.

Until then, though, this burger spot will still be cooking up whatever custom burger you want. Whether you're keto, paleo, vegan, or gluten-free, MOOYAH has a burger that will work for you. Plus, it'll be delicious. You can get the full scoop on MOOYAH's nutritional content on the website here before you pop into New York's brand new location or order for takeout.

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Hedy Phillips
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