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You'll Never Buy Wine The Same Way Again, Government Says

Your favorite bottle is about to change in size, thanks to new rules.

New regulations from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) have been announced, changing the required wine sizes and allowing for smaller bottles.

Previously, there were nine acceptable wine sizes, and while some people wanted this to stay, three more have been added through the Dec. 29 amendment. Now, places that sell alcohol can sell wine in 200-, 250-, and 355-milliliter bottles. The 200-milliliter size is about half a pint, while the 250 is about the size of a slim aluminum can. The 355 milliliter equals the size of a regular 12-ounce can. (Before your next grocery run, read up on the 8 Grocery Items That May Soon Be in Short Supply.)

"Although TTB had originally proposed to generally eliminate the standards of fill for wine and distilled spirits, TTB is not adopting that proposal at this time," the official document reads. "The amendments described in this final rule will provide bottlers with flexibility by allowing the use of the added container sizes, and will facilitate the movement of goods in domestic and international commerce, while also providing consumers broader purchasing options."

The amendment also switches up the sizes that distilled spirits are allowed to be sold. The eight, ranging from 1.75 liters to 50 milliliters, now includes 700, 720, and 900 milliliters, as well as 1.8 liters.

The new wine sizes could be another source of revenue for local liquor stores, which are already seeing sales skyrocket right now as new restrictions and stay-at-home orders go into effect.

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Amanda McDonald
Amanda has a master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University and a bachelor's degree in digital journalism from Loyola University Chicago. Read more about Amanda