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The Most Popular Beer Trends Right Now, Say Experts

When the world changed, so did our taste in beer. New data reveals the intriguing beers having a moment.

Craft beer had been climbing as a steady trend before the pandemic, but—as the current love for old-school beers suggests—lockdown shifted that so fast that some craft brewers might have felt whiplash. Now, as tastes begin to stabilize again, the minds behind an app that sells over 10,000 beers are revealing what's all the rage in beer based on customers' latest picks.

Tavour is a beer seller app that enables craft beer lovers to rely on others' reviews to steer their own selections and then order beer for delivery. The team at Tavour has collected trends and takeaways to highlight what's hot in beer right now.

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Sours have never been bigger.


As this week's list of the best craft beers might suggest, tons of tasters are trying ciders and sours these days. Tavour says almost 35 percent of their March and April 2021 beer sales centered around tangy ciders and their "Sour & Funky" category.

Infusions are getting intense.


If you're a cider beer fan who thinks a hint of a classic like apple delivers some zest, Tavour suggests you should prepare to pucker up to some wild new tastes. They say cider infusions are suddenly evolving in really exciting ways, with brewers introducing flavors like blueberry, mango, and even rose hips to their brews.

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Hard seltzer smoothies are officially a thing.


You knew hard seltzer was huge—but among a lot of beer lovers, it's taken on a style of its own. A craft beer brand called Smooj was among the first to set this trend, taking the seltzer concept and creating what Tavour describes as "thick, pulpy beverages" that are loaded with flavor, which beer makers are calling "hard seltzer smoothies." Tavour reports Smooj's piña colada and strawberry banana smoothie seltzers were two of the top five bestselling beers on the app this past May. In the meantime, they say, other brewers have been quick to jump on this fad.

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Hops are here to stay.


Tavour says that even as tastes shift, one unchanging wave is the search for beers with bite. They state that their category of Hoppy & Juicy beers "are currently the most popular styles on the Tavour app," and this style "will likely remain in the lead as the most popular beers moving into the summer months."

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