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This Soda Brand Just Debuted A New Flavor For the First Time in 10 Years

The taste promises to evoke feelings of "freedom and nostalgia."
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PepsiCo has added both Mtn Dew Major Melon and Major Melon Zero Sugar to the brand's soda lineup nationwide. It's the first time in 10 years that a new Mtn Dew flavor hits shelves on a permanent basis.

Mtn Dew Major Melon joins seven other flavors that are already on grocery store shelves 365 days a year. Rumors about the possible addition first started swirling last September on Reddit. With the recent launch, the company hopes to bring a nostalgic taste to the mouths of the soda's fans. (While this is coming to a store near you, here are the 8 Grocery Items That May Soon Be in Short Supply.)

"Watermelon is a truly transportive taste, evoking feelings of freedom and nostalgia," Nicole Portwood, the vice president of marketing for Mtn Dew, says in a press release. "We found watermelon to be the number one choice of flavors tested amongst our fans, and MTN DEW Major Melon is our answer for those who are looking for a refreshing charge to keep them invigorated all day long."

While a new, fruity flavor sounds inviting, the soda is full of unhealthy and toxic ingredients, including artificial colors and flavors. With its bright pink hue, it's a good bet that the new Mtn Dew Major Melon may end up on the 108 Most Popular Sodas Ranked By How Toxic They Are alongside a few other of its peers.

Available sizes include 20-ounce bottles, 12-ounce cans in packs of 12, and other single and multipack options. To get all of the latest grocery store news delivered right to your email inbox every day, sign up for our newsletter!

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