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Nicole Scherzinger Reveals the Exact Workout That Gave Her Six-Pack Abs

The "Masked Singer" judge looks like she's having a blast as she tones her midsection.

Nicole Scherzinger has never been shy about revealing the results of her hard work in the gym, having a fondness for midriff-bearing outfits that put her rock-hard abs front and center. However, the Pussycat Dolls singer's routine for achieving her washboard abs isn't all about crunches and intense cardio.

In a new video posted to her Instagram, the Masked Singer judge dances up a storm, interspersing her fancy footwork with some ab-chiseling exercises. To tone her core, Scherzinger does a series of planks, propping her feet up on a medicine ball and her upper body on her elbows, then bringing her feet forward on the ball, raising her posterior upwards and making an inverse V shape with her body.

Scherzinger then does a series of lunges with knee lifts, holding a dumbbell in front of her chest as she extends one leg behind her, bends deeply into the lunge, and brings that same leg up to meet her chest. To round out her workout, Scherzinger does a series of fast-paced high knee lifts with both legs.

Though it's clear Scherzinger's routine is hard work, there's plenty of fun involved, too—including some fast-paced twerking and Latin-inspired dancing.

"I mean, I heard that dancing and laughing gives you better abs than crunches anyway? ???‍♀‍???????‍♀‍," she captioned the video.

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It's not her exercise routine alone that keeps Scherzinger in such great shape, however. The star has said that time-restricted eating has been essential when she's trying to lose weight.

nicole scherzinger in tan crop top and wide leg pants on red carpet
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"When I'm really watching my weight, I refrain from eating late at night," she told People.

However, Scherzinger has been clear about the fact that she won't restrict herself too much to achieve a particular look.

"I don't deprive myself of anything," she told the publication. "I have everything in moderation."

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