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One of America's Largest Pizza Chain's Credits These Menu Items For Its Major Sales

The chain is still enjoying major popularity, even after the pandemic.

Papa John's is seeing the crazy demand for its pizza extending past the pandemic—and there are several popular menu items that are helping keep up the chain's popularity and sales.

The chain just reported its most recent quarterly earnings, which have risen almost 7% since the previous quarter and about 32% from the same time period in 2019. The company is crediting several factors for the unprecedented success, some of which are the strong sales of new and old menu items.

Here's why everyone's flocking to Papa John's. And for more, don't miss Papa John's Just Made This Big Announcement About Its Menu.

New customers

Papa johns

As the chain looks ahead to the rest of the year, same-store sales are expected to rise even further. According to CEO Rob Lynch, the traffic is coming mostly from new customers.

"The customers that we're bringing into the brand are enjoying their experience are liking our food, they like the new products that we've brought and they're sticking around and so a lot of our transaction growth has come from new customers over the last two years, very little of our transaction growth has come from frequency increases among current customers," Lynch said.

The company has been able to double the number of loyalty customers since 2019, he added.

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Sports events

sports events pizza
Courtesy of Papa John's

Apparently, the chain is a popular choice among those gathering their friends and family around entertainment and sports events.

"We have seen an acceleration of our business in September, as entertainment and sports once again create occasions for people to gather with their friends and families over Pizza," said Lynch.


papa johns buffalo chicken papadia
Courtesy of Papa Johns

The chain credits the popular Papadia sandwich for some of its success. These calzone-like creations, launched back in 2020, are considered add-ons to the company's execs, something that increases the check averages because it's so easy to simply add it to your pizza order. But to an average customer, the innovative item hits all the right spots of a pizza-sandwich hybrid.

Stuffed crust pizza

papa johns stuffed crust
Courtesy of Papa Johns

Epic Stuffed Crust has launched about a year ago and to great success. The chain says that the stuffed crust element entices people to frequently upgrade their pizzas, which in turn, drives major revenue for the company.

"Epic Stuffed Crust has been and continues to be a huge win for us and continues to trade customers up," said Rob Lynch. "The people buying Epic Stuffed Crust have higher tickets and that's been able to drive both revenue and margin for us."

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