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This Major Bakery Chain's Tea Recipe Is Exploding In Popularity Right Now

Everyone wants to know how to make this beloved drink at home.

With Starbucks and Dunkin' having kicked off their holiday menus last month, holiday-themed beverages seem to be everywhere right now—from peppermint mochas to sugar-cookie-flavored lattes. The "hottest" beverage du jour, though, isn't even holiday-themed. Or hot.

Enter Panera Bread's Passion Papaya Green Tea. The iced green tea drink is exploding in popularity online thanks to a recent viral TikTok video posted by Panera Bread employee Dylan Smith. Smith is a TikTok influencer (of sorts) and posts frequently about his experience working at Panera Bread.

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In his latest viral clip, Smith has shown the world how Panera's Green Tea drink is made. Whipping up Passion Papaya Green Tea order from scratch, Smith reveals the iced beverage's key ingredient—a Brewed Green Tea concentrate produced by The Republic of Tea.

The recipe reveal, which currently has over a million views, is stirring up excitement among Panera Bread fans. Hundreds have commented on the video, sharing their love of Passionfruit Papaya Green Tea and asking Smith for more information about the concentrate. "Commenting to see if anyone can find this concentrate or something similar bc I love this drink too," said one curious customer, while another simply remarked "That tea hits different."

A quick glance at The Republic of Tea's website shows that while they currently don't have the Passionfruit Papaya Green Tea concentrate available, there are several other flavored iced tea concentrates that can be purchased directly from the company. Pomegranate Green Tea, anyone?

Fans also wrote in requesting recipes for other popular Panera beverages and menu items. Many were interested to know the secret ingredient for Panera's Strawberry Banana Smoothie and Iced Chai Latte.

With the popularity of his Green Tea recipe reveal and growing demand for more behind-the-scenes content, Smith may soon have more orders to fulfill on TikTok than at Panera Bread.

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