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Majority of Pet Owners Are "Obsessed" With This Food, Says Data

Turns out, it's not weird to be so picky about your pet's food!

Only the best for our fur babies! This is according to a new survey about premium pet foods, which has fetched some telling new trends. When it comes to feeding our pets, it's clear that the majority of us are adamant that our fur babies eat as healthy as we do.

The online pet products destination polled 1,500 cat and dog owners about what they look for when it comes to mealtime, and found that millennials and Gen X shoppers are "health-obsessed," with 52% of shoppers looking for pet food that has strictly "clean" ingredients.

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Meanwhile, 75% of millennial and Generation X pet parents "are especially interested in grain-free, organic and non-GMO food with 75 percent choosing these options," reports Pet Product News. Meanwhile, 87% said it's important to check the label, searching for keywords like "premium, natural, organic and USDA organic, high-quality nutrition, high protein, weight control, healthy, superfood, ancient grain, limited-ingredient, non-GMO, farm-fresh, and preservative-free."

dog eating from bowl

Similar to the local-ish ways we shop for ourselves, 84% of us are looking for pet foods that are made in the U.S., the survey found.

Based on these findings, maybe it's not surprising that 89% of respondents believe it's important for pets to eat the highest-quality ingredients available, and 82% are willing to pay for those. With all this in mind, Chewy has partnered with Canada's Champion Pet Foods to launch specific destinations on their site where pet owners can find premium foods, or what Chewy calls "the highest-quality ingredients for superior nutrition and health." For pet owners and the cats and dogs we love, finding a one-stop destination for pet food that comes minus fillers, artificial ingredients, and dyes is definitely a treat.

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