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America's Favorite Frozen Yogurt Chain Just Launched This New Summer Drink

Cold brew fruit teas, anyone?

This weekend, we can officially say: Hello, summer. We've seen a lot of fun new beverage launches for the season, but this one caught our attention: One beloved frozen yogurt brand has launched cold brew fruit teas (and yes, there's boba involved). Here's where to find them.

Pinkberry is the Southern California frozen yogurt brand that's known for its deliciously tart fro-yo with over 100 locations nationwide. Fans love Pinkberry for the buffet of frozen yogurt toppers to add, but now the brand has launched two sweet summer sips to cool down with.

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This week, Pinkberry has announced their new summer drink release: Cold Brew Fruit Teas. Has anything ever sounded so summery? Pinkberry's Cold Brew Fruit Teas come in two flavors: strawberry hibiscus tea, which they describe as "cold brew hibiscus tea with strawberry bursting boba, fresh strawberries and fresh blueberries," and mango passionfruit tea—"cold brew tropical black tea with mango bursting boba, fresh strawberries and fresh mango." (It sounds like the fruit and boba may be extra, as in their press release the brand recommends that customers ask that their Cold Brew Fruit Teas "be shaken with fresh, hand cut fruit and flavored Bursting Boba.")

Alongside the new Pinkberry Cold Brew Fruit Teas, the brand has also launched a limited-time island mango frozen yogurt flavor, which they say hits the palate "with hints of banana and pineapple." All were available starting May 21.

A look on Pinkberry's website suggests that both Cold Brew Fruit Teas weigh in at 160 calories per 24-ounce serving. We're fans of the hand-cut fresh fruit at Pinkberry (they say their fruit is "fresh, never frozen"—even though many nutritionists will say that frozen is a-OK, as below!).


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