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These Two Popular Fast-Food Chains Are Not Closing Next Year

Despite circulating rumors, restaurant chains Pizza Hut and Subway are not going out of business.
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In yet another case of unfounded rumor, the frequently repeated claim that both Pizza Hut and Subway are closing down is not accurate.

"In mid-December 2020, a misleading advertisement circulated on various websites. The ad stated that the restaurant chains Subway and Pizza Hut were 'closing' in 2020," according to Snopes. "We didn't find any evidence that these businesses were closing down completely in 2020. But there were news reports in 2020 that both Pizza Hut and Subway closed individual restaurants."

Yes, indeed, there have been a slew of restaurant chain closures and individual location shutterings this year as a result of the pandemic. In regards to Subway, closures have been happening pre-pandemic as well. In 2018, Subway closed more than 1,100 locations in the United States, according to Business Insider, with an additional 1,000 stores shuttered in 2019. Still, it remains the largest restaurant chain both in America and worldwide. Many more Subway locations are slated for closure as pandemic-related losses mount, but as a whole, the restaurant chain isn't going anywhere—and still has well over 22,000 locations in America.

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Pizza Hut closure rumors have largely been spurred by the fact that 300 locations did indeed shut down en masse in the late summer when franchisee NPC International filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The shuttering represented about a quarter of the operator's Pizza Hut locations, while it sold off the rest of its holdings off the chain.

So while both Pizza Hut and Subway have had a rough go of things this year (like every restaurant) and in several years prior, the closure of a number of locations is not the prologue to a complete shutdown of these massive fast-food chains. However, they do join the likes of Starbucks, McDonald's, Ruby Tuesday, Dunkin', and so many other restaurants that have experienced losses during 2020.

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