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Popeyes Is Finally Launching This Long-Awaited Menu Item

The chain will finally right one major flaw on its menu.

Popeyes, one of America's most beloved fast-food brands when it comes to fried chicken, is finally righting one major flaw on their otherwise stellar menu: the absence of chicken nuggets. The long-awaited item felt like a missing puzzle piece in a chicken franchise whose major competitors already offer crispy chicken bites in various forms.

According to the chain's press release, Popeyes is looking to make a splash with its new Chicken Nuggets, regardless of the stiff competition they have in Chick-fil-A and McDonald's—kind of how they redefined the chicken sandwich category with the launch of their own version in 2019.

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"Just like our game-changing Chicken Sandwich, our new Chicken Nuggets are unlike anything you may have experienced before," said Popeyes president Sami Siddiqui. "We aim to show the world once again the magic of Popeyes chicken with our new Nuggets. We believe that these piece(s) of crunchy, juicy, delicious chicken will have guests question how they ever enjoyed chicken nuggets before this."

The all-white-meat nuggets will be freshly prepared in Popeyes restaurants every day, with the tried-and-true technique of hand-battering and breading in buttermilk used on the rest of the chain's chicken—so you can definitely expect that signature crispy texture the chain is known for. The new item will be available in sizes ranging from 4 to 36 pieces (and even 48 pieces, available exclusively on Popeyes' website). While the nuggets only come in classic flavor (no spicy, for now), customers can add some zing with a range of dipping sauces like Buttermilk Ranch, Bayou Buffalo, and Sweet Heat.

The nuggets were first spotted on menus at some Popeyes locations in Arkansas, Connecticut, Ohio, and Texas in February, as part of a market test before the official launch. According to Business Insider, the company has been stockpiling chicken amid a nationwide shortage in order to prepare for this major rollout, which is kicking off on July 27.

"Over the last six months we have been working closely with our chicken supplier partners to provide them with the estimates needed to meet the anticipated demand of our Chicken Nuggets, and we feel confident we will be able to serve our new Nuggets to eager guests despite any industry supply issues," a spokesperson told the publication.

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