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Popeyes Is Rolling Out These First-Ever Perks For Chicken Lovers

You could be eating a free apple pie right now.

A lot is happening in the world of fried chicken. We're constantly seeing new sandwiches being released, and everyone has a favorite. In fact, some chains are having a hard time keeping up with the skyrocketing demand for the meat of the moment. With so much attention on chicken, top contender Popeyes has been looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition. The chain dropped a new chicken sandwich last month, a new dessert last week, and now the company has announced yet another new release: Popeyes Rewards, a loyalty program where you can earn points every time you place an order.

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Popeyes' first loyalty program can be used when you order on the chain's website, or you can reach it through the Popeyes app on your phone or tablet. By signing up, you'll start earning 10 points each time you spend a dollar, and points can be redeemed for menu items. You also get a free apple pie, a side dish, or a small beverage when you first sign up. Plus, there are a range of other benefits for members, like exclusive access to deals and products—take, for instance, a members-only combo meal featuring eight pieces of chicken, a large side, and four whole biscuits.

"We have been humbled to see our fans express their loyalty for our brand time and time again," commented Bruno Cardinali, the restaurant chain's chief marketing officer. "Our goal has been to create a perfect loyalty program that matches and rewards their unparalleled enthusiasm."

Popeyes isn't the only fast-food chain that's launched a new loyalty program this year. Burger King's gotten into the loyalty game recently, and McDonald's has made its program available to more customers. For more on racking up rewards every time you order, get to know these 16 Fast-Food Loyalty Programs That Can Save You Money Right Now.

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Clara Olshansky
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