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This Popular Offer at Popeyes May Be Gone Soon

Can the new nuggets push out this beloved meal?

Popeyes fans will want to take a seat for this: the Louisiana chain may soon be removing the popular 2 Can Dine chicken tenders deal from its menu. The beloved 6-piece order (which came with two sides and two biscuits) looks to be the latest casualty of the ongoing national chicken shortage. 

Fans and frequent customers of Popeyes have been taking to Reddit to share that they've noticed the exclusive deal missing from the chain's ordering app. Complaints first kicked off about two weeks ago, when one California-based Redditor wondered whether they were the only one having trouble getting his hands on the "2 Can Dine" order.

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Turns out they weren't. Within a day, the post received a number of responses from other Popeyes customers, longtime fans of the 2 Can Dine, also wondering about the offer's disappearance. And the shortage didn't appear to be specific to California, with another frequent customer reporting the absence from a Popeyes in the Washington, D.C. area.  

Popeye's may currently be best known for its war-starting crispy chicken sandwich, but the chain is also beloved for its tenders. On Reddit, fans tend to make a clear distinction between tenders and the chain's newly launched nuggets, with many finding the nuggets more similar in taste and texture to Popeye's chicken sandwich filet.

Some are particularly keen on the tenders' crispy, crunchy, well-seasoned breading, saying they prefer the tenders to the new, much-hyped chicken sandwich.

The question of whether the tenders use the same batter as the chicken sandwich and chicken nuggets is a major topic of conversation. The general consensus seems to be that the chicken sandwich and chicken nuggets are coated in one kind of batter, and the chicken tenders in another. 

On threads dedicated to the question of 2 Can Dine's disappearance, some wondered whether there might be other forces at play besides a national chicken shortage. One speculated that Popeyes, by reigning in its chicken tenders sales, might be seeking to push business towards its new 8-piece Chicken Nugget order, which debuted in July.

Popeyes didn't immediately respond to our request for comment on the matter. 

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