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Priyanka Chopra Says These Are Her Essentials for a Great Summer Party

The star opens up about her new signature cocktail and the ingredients she uses to host a memorable event.

Priyanka Chopra is a multitalented star with acting, singing, and producing credits under her belt. However, those are far from the only skills this multi-hyphenate celeb brings to the table—in fact, she's quite the accomplished party planner as well.

Chopra recently teamed up with spiked seltzer brand BON V!V to create her very own signature cocktail, and she's opening up in an Eat This, Not That! exclusive about her must-haves for a perfect summer party.

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She loves a healthy party spread.

priyanka chopra dancing in pink dress on city street
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When it comes to setting the tone for a memorable summer party, Chopra takes the healthy (and easy!) route. "One, you must have delicious food options," she says. "I always try to have a crudités platter available with a ton of dip options. I mean, who doesn't love dip?"

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She's created the perfect summer cocktail.

priyanka chopra lounging on chaise outdoors in yellow dress next to bon viv cocktails
Courtesy of BON V!V

Instead of cooling off with sugary frozen drinks, Chopra has created a light and refreshing summer cocktail that combines BON V!V and her favorite fruits.

"My favorite summer cocktail is BON V!V's Dragonfruit Sunrise. It uses the new flavor we created together, Raspberry Dragonfruit, as its base. To make it, combine BON V!V Raspberry Dragonfruit, 1 oz. Gin, and 2 oz. orange juice to a glass with ice and top with fresh raspberries," she explains.

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She loves the versatility of spiked seltzers.

bon viv spiked seltzers on tray with glass full of seltzer and raspberries
Courtesy of BON V!V

While many other beverages, from alcoholic energy drinks to spiked lemonades, have come in and out of fashion in recent years, Chopra says that spiked seltzers are too easy and refreshing not to simply scoop up and serve to your guests.

"They're portable and perfect to take to everything from backyard barbecues, rooftop hangs, and movie night with friends," she says. (A plus? The can she created with BON V!V is only 90 calories.)

She satisfies her sweet tooth with fruit.

vanilla ice cream in glass dish with raspberries and mint leaves
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Chopra says that when she's eager to satisfy her sweet tooth, she turns to berries and other seasonal fruit.

"There's nothing better in the summer than fresh fruit on a hot day. I love a mix of raspberries, blueberries, watermelon, and strawberries," she says. "If I'm really looking to treat myself, I'll even top them off with some fresh whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream."

Oh, and one last tip: "Play a great playlist to get the party started," Chopra says.

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