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Proven Ways to Make People Think You're Younger 

These 5 things will help you look younger, experts say.

There's no magic pill that makes you look younger, but you can do certain things to help slow down the aging process. While age is just a number and having a positive attitude about our bodies changing is important, there's no shame in wanting to preserve your youthful appearance. Eat This, Not That! Health talked to experts who revealed proven ways to make people think you're younger. Read on for all 5—and to ensure your health and the health of others, don't miss these Sure Signs You've Already Had COVID.


Eat More Fish

eating salmon

According to Dr. Stacie J. Stephenson, aka "The VibrantDoc", a recognized leader in functional medicine and author of the new self-care book Vibrant: A Groundbreaking Program to Get Energized, Reverse Aging, and Glow, "The omega-3 fatty acids in fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, and sardines, isn't just good for your brain, as is often advertised. It's also an incredible secret to youthful skin. Fish oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce skin inflammation and redness, help skin retain moisture by improving the barrier function of skin, and may even help to reverse sun damage and improve skin sensitivity, all of which can add to a younger appearance. The astaxanthin that makes salmon and shrimp pink is another beauty secret fish have to offer—astaxanthin is a carotenoid that can increase collagen turnover and maintain skin's barrier function, as well as helping to accelerate skin healing and reduce inflammation. When used topically, it also has been shown to reduce the look of wrinkles, improve skin moisture and elasticity, and reduce redness."


Lift Weights


Dr. Stephenson states, "Cardio is great for fat burning and circulation, but strength training can actually reverse the expression of genes that govern some of the primary signs of aging. This seems to be due to the effect of weight training on mitochondria, which are energy generators inside of our cells and that are particularly dense and active in muscle cells. With age, mitochondria lose their ability to supply as much energy to cells as they did in younger years. However, strength training can change that. According to research comparing strength and mitochondrial function in both older and younger adults before and after starting a 6-month, twice-weekly strength-training program, lifting weights can partially reverse this effect and reduce the gap between muscle strength of younger and older people."

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Drink More Water

drink water

"Water plumps up your skin, so it looks dewier and younger, " Dr. Stephenson

explains. "It also plumps up your insides, so all your internal organs work better and you have better blood flow. A study published in Skin Research and Technology looked at how drinking more water affected skin physiology. The researchers analyzed the skin of women before and after adding two additional liters to their regular water intake. After adding more water, the women had no weight change but showed significantly improved hydration, both on the surface and at the deeper layers of the skin, on the face as well as on the forearms, hands, and legs. Research has also shown that water can increase physical performance in athletes, helps the brain work better, improves digestion, and helps the heart and kidneys work better. That means more water could make you look and feel younger in all kinds of ways."


Do Yoga

woman doing yoga

Dr. Stephenson states, "With yoga, you can get anti-aging benefits from head to toe. At the most basic level, research shows that 12 weeks of yoga actually reduced multiple markers of cellular aging and also preserved telomeres, which are caps on the ends of chromosomes that degrade with age. Other benefits that can help you age backwards are better posture, more flexibility and graceful movement, greater strength, improved mobility, and better mental health, with reduced stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain."

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Have a Good Skin Care Routine

woman applying cream to her face

Dr. Calvin Williams MD, FAAD with Essential Dermatology Group says, "The best way to look younger is to have a strong consistent skin care regimen that consists of a daily sunscreen, vitamin c serum and exfoliating face wash. Some of my personal favorites for patients include, Sminceutucals CE Ferrulic, ISDIN photo eryfotona ageless, and Revision Skincare Brightening Facial Wash. Combined with a good facial moisturizer and you'll look younger by the day. Though the one of the most effective ways to appear younger would also include having RF microneedling performed as well." And to get through this pandemic at your healthiest, don't miss these 35 Places You're Most Likely to Catch COVID.

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